Keri Hilson Messes Up National Anthem At Lakers Vs Hawks Game

encountered trouble while performing the National Anthem at the LA Lakers and Atlanta Hawks game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Wednesday night. The singer took to her Twitter (@MissKeribaby) afterward to explain what happened:

YES I bloopered 1st time but OF COURSE I know words to Anthem!! My in-ear pack goin in/out distracted me BIG TIME and almost sang first verse over. Front view would show me fidgeting with it whole time and at “broad stripes & bright stars” I finally took ears out and tucked in jacket lol!! And I’m not sad one bit!! I definitely gave April Fools something to talk about but hey, I’d rather kill it and stumble on three words than sound bad ;) hehe

OH yea! My next National Anthem’s DEF airing!! Catch Red Sox/Yankees game this (Easter) Sunday!! I’d love for everybody to catch TAKE 2!!!

Watch footage filmed by a fan in the stands below.

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