Keri Hilson Settles Feud With Ciara: We’re Good Now

Keri Hilson

is speaking out about her feud with Ciara that had the Atlanta R&B pair taking lyrical shots at each other and which saw them patch things up with a joint appearance at BET’s “Black Girls Rock!” celebration. “It was unfortunate, because we used to be really good friends,” Hilson told Jones magazine’s winter issue. “We let the media get in the way and speak for us, and we weren’t speaking to each other. We’re good now. Nobody wants to fight with an old friend. It’s not cute, and it doesn’t reflect our character. Don’t get me wrong: I am feisty, but I’m not catty.”

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2 thoughts on “Keri Hilson Settles Feud With Ciara: We’re Good Now

  1. deedah777 says:

    Keri is beautiful and talented.she deserve the spotlight. Clara is talented but only when she’s dancing and now that’s not hot anymore.the matrix is played out. Please do mature elegant dances Clara none of that kid stuff. It’s time to grow up. Keep it moving Keri. You are a winner. And Clara should have been promoting her new album. I read that she said the money is in touring that’s true but if no one likes your album why would they pay good money to see you on stage. A flop album is a flop tour. Don’t let people just tell you anything.if no one bought your album why would they wanna come see you perform.I think Clara needs to sing more mature songs and build her vocal ability. She has a very weak voice. I am surprised she lasted this long. Keri has a magnificent voice she should get more recognition.

  2. deedah777 says:

    Do the pretty girl rock. Go Keri

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