Keshia Chante Outraged By Japanese Dolphin Massacre

Keshia Chante

checked in with her MySpace friends (@keshiachante) on Friday (November 2) angry about the Japan’s annual dolphin massacre. She writes:

Ohhh My God… I’m PISSED!!!

So you guys know me, and you know that I don’t usually send out bulletins like this but I saw something recently and it OUTRAGED me!!

I had to share it with you. I feel very strong about it and I KNOW that you guys will be able to help me fight this.

Dolphins are being brutally killed in Japan. They are completely helpless guys and all we have to do is *2* things to stop it.

SIGN: (Update:, which hosted the petition, has since shut down.)

WATCH: (warning: graphic)

The Petition already has 1.2 MILLION signatures, so lets add on!


With love,


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