Keys Sickened By People Depending On Other’s Opinions

checked in with fans earlier today from Switzerland. She writes, “Funny though cause while I was on the plane coming from London to Munich, I was just chillin, writin’ some postcards, writing in my journal, cause I Have to get all these thoughts outta my head. And I’m not one known for talking a lot, so thats why I write. Anyway, I start thinking, maybe I’ll get a magazine to read, but suddenly I’m like, ‘Hole up’!!! I don’t wanna read no damn magazine, not more of he say she say, who said this, and who’s doin that! I was just wieghed down with the feelin that we constantly ingest so much GARBAGE!! So often we watch T.V., read magazines, listen to the radio, constantly ingesting another persons thoughts, and bias’s, and ego’s, and misunderstandings, and lies, and distorted truths. It sickens me honestly that we constantly depend on others opinions to draw our own. Most people don’t stand alone and believe in our own way – we follow like a flock of sheep – dazed. Turn here, stop there, do this, don’t do that, eat now, sleep now, follow this, etc.”

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