Keyshia Cole ‘You Complete Me’ (Remix) Video Ft. Trina

Keyshia Cole 'You Complete Me' ft Trina

is out with the video for her ‘You Complete Me’ (Remix), featuring Trina, off the Oakland, California R&B singer’s third studio album ‘A Different Me’, out now on Interscope. Watch it via Trina’s MySpace TV channel below.

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3 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole ‘You Complete Me’ (Remix) Video Ft. Trina

  1. rodneisha says:

    What’s up what you doing Keisha girl I love your music I mean you @trina is the best I love the both of y’all

  2. rodneisha says:

    Trina if you read this I just want you to know that all your fans left you hanging but I will never do that I don’t got nothing against Nikki Minaj but I don’t like her and Trina I will always be your #1 fan hope I could talk to you soon my name is Rodneisha I live in Yazoo City Mississippi and maybe you could visit one day and we have fun

  3. rodneisha says:

    What’s up Trina it’s me again maybe you should give me a call she took your man what’s up with that I thought you @me were sisters I want to be a singer and you a rapper okay girl you should here my voice it’s good maybe you should do a video with me Ms. Rodneisha just to get me started and I love your part in 5 star video I like Nikki part to but you should have got both parts

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