Keyshia Cole’s Bad Attitude Causes Bad Publicity

The famed R&B singer did an interview with DeDe McGuire from ‘The Doug Banks Morning Show’, and supposedly gave off a very negative attitude. When ask about comparisons to Mary J. Blige and co-reality show star DMX, Keyshia snapped, “I’m different than DMX.” Doug Banks sensed a little tension and explained to Keyshia that they were only asking how she felt about her and DMX’s reality show. Afterwards, radio producers, with orders from Doug Banks and DeDe, stopped any and all music by from being played. Listen to the interview here.

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One thought on “Keyshia Cole’s Bad Attitude Causes Bad Publicity

  1. Lori says:

    Keyshia Cole did a show April 16, 2011 in Monroe, Louisiana.
    She looked very pretty! Hair and make-up was definitely on point but I was disappointed in her performance. She was obviously out of breath on the come-out! In her first song, she yelled “stop it!” “stop it right now!” “stop!!” at her musicians and they all stopped playing. It turned out, she didn’t want to sing the version of her song they were playing. All the fans were kinda tripped out behind Keyshia’s abruptness! Wasn’t a good look….

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