Kiely & Adrienne Staying Together, To Make TV Appearance

Ms. Nine Lives, the owner of of the production company is signed to posted a message on the group’s official message board sounding off on Naturi’s comments as well as the criticism that has been posted on the message board. She also revealed that the Kiely and Adrienne will be appearing on TV sometime this week to respond to Naturi’s charges and the future of the group. She wrote:

It’s probably no surprise that the last week has been extremely hard for Naturi, and especially for Adrienne and Kiely. Now you’re saying, why did she say “especially” for Adrienne and Kiely! For this simple reason, since Naturi had her radio interview and TRL interview, Adrienne and Kiely have been swamped with “hate emails” due to some fan’s total belief and one person’s story. I have nothing personal against Naturi at all. I think she’s a bright child with a bright future. I do think it was mean and harmful of her to make false charges directed to her band members and management in public.

I want to address the claims that were made. First, based on Naturi’s comments (and maybe your own personal opinion), some have said that Naturi was “pushed to the background” and not allowed to sing because she is dark skinned. THAT IS COMPLELETLY FALSE. I personally selected Naturi to be in this group after numerous people auditioned. I never wanted her to be just a background dancer or singer. However, even though Naturi has a beautiful voice, not every singer fits the “style” of every song. On their 1st album, we chose very light hearted material. They were very young girls. Her voice did not suit most of this material. When it did work for a song, I put her on the song and on 2 songs,”Playas Gon Play” and “Curious”, Naturi sang the entire lead (except for the bridge parts). Also, we never said Kiely (and Kiely has never said) she was the greatest singer in the world. But the fact is that there are MANY VERY SUCCESSFUL RECORDING ARTISTS who weren’t blessed with a voice like Patti Labelle, but who are great entertainers. Adrienne sings most of the leads. Why? Not because “puerto-rican was in style” as it has been claimed, but because she has an incredible voice and she is very good in the studio and absolutely reliable when doing live shows. PERIOD.

Concerning color and race. I’ve watched this board for 3 years now. I’ve read all of the hateful comments you’ve made about Kiely and now about Adrienne. When you made fun of Kiely’s teeth being crooked, she said, “yep, they are, cause I don’t wear my retainer. When you criticized her for wearing hair weaves, she said “of course I do sometimes” When she came on the board alot, you criticized her saying she wanted all the attention. News Flash! Naturi is the ONLY member of 3LW who ALWAYS wore a weave. She just had a short cut so no one thought of it and she never was able to bring herself to admit it. Also, regarding the website, Adriene and Naturi just weren’t as in to the internet and Kiely was. Kiely truly like being online. Adrienne didn’t even like doing her homework on the computer and Naturi didn’t even own her own computer until she joined the group. Now I read that Adrienne and Kiely are “hoes” and “stuck up” Well how do you know this? Most of you have never met them. Deep down, I think you kids feel that THEY think they’re better than dark skinned girls. They don’t feel that way. The truth is that the only reason most of you dislike them is because they happened to have been born light! and that is truly sad. What does that say about how you feel about yourself.

Many of you have asked why Adrienne and Kiely did not answer the claims made by Naturi right away. The reason for this was that they insisted on responding in person on live television,not on a radio show with some radio personality who’se trying to HYPE the situation just to get good ratings. They will be on national TV next week and they will address what has been said.

As for the future of 3LW, for a brief moment, Adrienne and Kiely had decided not to continue 3LW. If you had been judged and convicted before you had your day in court, how would you feel. However, THEY PRAYED, GOT THEIR STRENGTH BACK AND CHANGED THEIR MIND. They will continue 3LW. Their album will still be in stores in October. And by the way, we will not be taking Naturi off the album “supposedly so we don’t have to pay her.” that’s ridiculous and just another false rumor.

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