Kiely And Adrienne Explain Their Side On TRL

Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon, the remaining members of spoke with Damien on MTV’s Total Request Live from the Radio City Music Hall before tonight’s Video Music Awards. The pair said they have not selected a new member and that they don’t want Naturi Naughton to return to the group after what she said on the radio and TRL. They said the album is still coming out in October and they also had a message to Naturi. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Yes, guys, it is damien hanging out here at the video music
awards radio city music hal. I found the two remaining members of 3lw.

3LW: What’s up?

Damien: We got to talk about this. Naturi is out of the group and the
question is are you going to replace her? What’s the deal here? Where do
you go from here?

3LW: I think there’s a lot of things we have to clear up. A lot of the
rumors, we watched her at trl. We heard her on trl. We watched the whole
mtv stuff. We’ve been watching here here. It’s disappointed and really
hurtful to hear your friend go back and say those types of things about
you, especially when at no point in time was naturi actually.

Damien: She was never forced out of the group.

3LW: Never asked to leave the group.

3LW: She left us in the middle of a tour. We do not have a replacement
because we —

3LW:We didn’t know she was leaving.

Damien: Let’s do this. If she’s watching right now, what do you want
to say to her, and let’s do this. Let’s start with you and then we’ll —

3LW: I have a lot to say.

3LW: Good.

3LW: I’m hurt. I’m definitely hurt. I definitely — pick up the phone,
you know, call somebody, and let them know what was going on. I think that,
you know, after all this, we’ve definitely heard that you want to have
— that she is pur suving a solo project and it all makes sense now. It
all seems to make sense, and I’m hurt that she didn’t tell us.

3LW: As friends.

3LW: And just let us know. Honestly, I could have accepted it more if
she just would have told me, like you know what, girls? I really want to
leave the group. But don’t ish on us to make yourself look better and that

Damien: So let’s say she calls you tomorrow, and says, hey guys, tomorrow,
i think i want back in the group. Then you talk to mom?

3LW: No.

3LW: No.

3LW: When she really left, we were like –.

3LW: That’s what we wanted. We thought she’s coming back.

3LW: She’s going to call back.

3LW: But once she went on radio and just started lying, we’re like who
is this person? Are you serious? Is this —

3LW: It’s not the same naturi that I know.

Damien: Very cool. Let’s give a plug for your all become. What’s it

3LW: A girl can mack

3LW: You’ll buy it, right?

Damien: Good luck with in A. Good luck with the future projects. Good
luck with finding a third remember. Everything is up in the air?

3LW: We don’t know.

Damien: Very cool. We’ll send it back to you guys.

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4 thoughts on “Kiely And Adrienne Explain Their Side On TRL

  1. honestie says:

    That’s a lie how could you you know that is not how it went down Naturi was the best girl in the group she was better than you guys(well girls) and you couldn’t stand it and check out Naturi and the movie she just played in Notorious that’s if you guys are still friends

  2. raven says:

    Them bitches are nothing but haters

  3. cool says:

    Hate what happened

  4. naima says:

    shame they acting so insincest when they new what they were doing to natiture

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