Kiley Dean’s One Sole Sister

is featured in the August issue of Teen People magazine where she shows her huge collection of Nike sneakers. The singer says, “I am absolutely obsessed with Nike sneakers. I love the Shox. I love the Dunks. I love the Air Force 1’s. I love them all! There are about 70 pairs packed into my closets in Orlando. Every pair is comfortable, so why go with something else, you know? I would so much rather wear sneakers than high heels.” Part of that obsession is keeping those shoes clean, and she revealed the lengths she’ll go to adding, “Once I was at this club wearing a new pair of red-and-white Nikes, and everyone kept stepping on them. I got so upset I ended up standing against the wall. I know it sounds materialistic, and I’m so not that way – it’s just that when I have new sneakers, they have to stay clean, period!”

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