Kindred Can’t Be Fit Into A Box

Philadelphia City Paper profiled Kindred, who make R&B somewhere at the other end of the dial from and R. Kelly. Without being lovey-dovey or sappy, the couple carve out an old-school spot for themselves, where true love rules and family is not an extinct concept. “Everything is either about sex or cheating or it’s a wedding song. But what do you listen to after you get married?” asks Aja Graydon. “People are constantly trying to fit us into whatever box they can find. They can’t figure it out. How can you be young and actually be committed? How can you be married and love each other at the same time?” Fatin Dantzler says, “Uh-huh.” He’s heard all the naysayers: “‘You guys read too old! You guys can’t be on the hip-hop and R&B station!'”

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