La Tavia And Le Toya Introduce Their New Group

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I must be crazy because I am going to type out the interview for those who don’t have it or can’t find it!

A Jamie Foster Brown Interview:

The first time I interviewed Le Toya and La Tavia, they had just separated from Destiny’s Child. We received an overwheming response from our readers and they’ve been relentless in their quest to keep up with how the are doing and what’s next. Well, Le Toya and LaTavia wanted to make sure the timing was right because they didn’t say anything to the media… including S2S… until we suddenly got a call from them. They’re ready. The ladies have formed a new four-member group called AnJel. They added Tiffany, a young lady from Houston, and Naty, a spicy Latina from Connecticut. I had a bunch of Questions to ask and although Tiffany couldn’t make it for the interview, I got a earful on the group, their new style and sound and their take on the inevitble question: how will AnJel compare to Destiny’s Child?

I asked LaTavia and Le Toya about their pending suit against Destiny’s Child and their “Survivor” song. Although parting company with their former group was a terrible event for this group who had been friends since childhood, the two girls told me they still love Beyonce’ aand Kelly and miss them very much. I hope that one day they’ll be able to put all of the drama behind them and enjoy their friendship again.

Jamie: Le Toya, what is the name of your new group!?

LeToya: Anjel.

LaTavia: Toya and I were sitting at the hair solon under the dyer and we were looking through a magazine and we sa the Victoria’s Secret Angel Bra advertisment. Brian [from Jagged Edge] had said “Angel Dust” and we were comng up with different names around “angel” because we all felt like we’ver had guardian angel bing us from bad situations together.

Jamie: Was it difficult finding girls for the group?

LaTavia: We actually auditioned a couple of girls. What did we do, like three girls, LeToya?

Le Toya: Yeah, I’m gonna say five to be safe.

LaTavia: Right; and once we found Tiffany about eight months ago it’s been jelling like crazy. She’s from Houston.

Jamie: and Naty is from?
< LaTavia: Connecticut. Naty: I orginally came down from Georgia because I was doing a beauty pageant for the Elks Lodge at the same time and we had to do it up in Connecticut [also]. LaTavia: I heard Naty sing at her audition and I thought hat she sang really well. Naty is also Puerto Rican and I thought that would be a great feel for our group. It would add a little more variety. It would help us with our Latin audience. She speaks Spanish and we have some Spanish in our songs. It’s worked out really good for us. Jamie: Is Tiffany a different nationality, too? LaTavia: Nah, Tiffany’s Black. Jamie: Why did you all have to go for four people? Why do you think that this will work out even though it didn’t work out before? Le Toya: For one, yes, Destiny’s Child was four at first. NOw it’s three and so there really isn’t a four-girl group out right now. So that will be a new thing. Plus, Naty has the capabilities to rap very well and sing, so it’s like a totally different thing from Destiny’s Child. I mean, it’s a whole new feel from the lst group. And the reason that it’ll work is because, one, this situation is real. We found each other and we jell very well, we’re very honest with each other and it’s not conflict of interest. We have outside people and we’re just open with each other. Jamie: Have you and Toya become closer? LaTavia: Oh yeah. LeToya and I, we’ve always been close. LeToya and I had to come together to something about our lives. [Our] career was basically stripped from us. And that’s another thing about the four-girl group that I wanted to say, Jamie. Even being in Destiny’s Child, it was something that we’ve always to do. Regardless of what happened, I thought that four girls would still be a combination for us. Like LeToya said, it’s totally different from Destiny’s Child. Naty: It’s different from anything you ever heard and will ever hear.

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