Lamya: I Am Working On Some New Material

posted the following bulletin on her Myspace on Wednesday (July 18):

Hi all,

Hope you all are well. It has come to my attention that many have been asking if this is a legit official site of me (Lamya) as you guys keep getting messages from Kamil. Well let me assure some of you that it is, and Kamil (who is also on myspace as is actually my cousin who came up with the idea of creating my page on here as well as actually putting it up, so I guess you can say he is hosting my page as I sometimes am away for too long to check my page.

As for a new album! I am currently working on some new material after taking a looong break from the industry, but to not disappoint my fans I have added two new songs of which one is from my current demo, so exclusively for myspace fans. I shall be adding more next month, so more to come :)

I am sorry if I cant reply all your messages but I am grateful for all your support and love.

So please if you have any inquiries please feel free to message me and I or Kamil shall try our very best to reply you all.

Peace and much love,


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