LaTavia And Letoya / Anjel Part 2

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Jamie: How did you all find Tiffany?

LaTavia: You know what, Jamie? I think that the reason why I knew that we were complete once we had Tiffany was because she was being brought to us. Somebody brought her to me and somebody different brought her to LeToya.

Jamie: David, let’s get you in here. Why are you involved with the girls again? [David Brewer is ’s vocal coach. He also trained Destiny’s Child.]

David: I have been teaching LeToya and LaTavia from the very beginning when they were eight and nine years old and I wanted to be a part of making sure that they had everything in line. I wanted to make sure that they had an opportunity to have their lives fulfilled. If they need me I am here for them for the rest of their lives. I wanted to be a part of this group, in putting it together, because as you know I was part of the first group and I happen to know that their careers were taken from them. They didn’t walk away. It was taken from them ans I sisn’t think that was fair. I don’t think it’s fair that people would say negative things about them in trying to destroy their chances of having a career. So I became involved to make sure that they could do what they needed to do in order to have their lives be the way that they wanted it to be. Everbody deserves a chance to fail or succeed. It is not anyone else’s right to try take that away.

Jamie: Why do you say that their careers were taken from them?

David: I say it because I was there from the beginning and I know who I am dealing with. And the people that they are dealing with have a tendency to want things to go their way, they get rid of you. They say horrible things about you. This is a pattern that they do. Basically, LeToya and LaTavia deserve the right to fail if they are going to fail.

Jamie: David, did they get rid of you?

David: They couldn’t get rid..I’m an international opera singer. I sing all over the world. So I wasn’t sitting around in Houston waiting for Destiny’s Child to call me for a voice lesson. I felt that I has done my job. They’ve won every award imaginable and my career is going forward and getting bigger and better, so I couldn’t just sit around and wait on them.

I know that they have tried to paint me out to be the disgruntled voice teacher. I am not a disgruntled voice teacher. I chose who I work with. I have an international career. I have CD’s that you can buy in Tower Records. I’m not somebody who;s sitting in his house with nothing to do. From what I understand he bought the rights to the name behind the girl’s backs and when they asked for new management he wasn’t going to have that because he feels that he is responsible for Destinys Child– he found them, he created them and that is not true. I did all that work. He took all the glory and I did all the work, which is fine because I’m an internationa opera singer. I’m not trying to be a pop singer.

Jamie: What work did you do?

David: I trained them vocally, I taught them how to do interviews, I taught Beyonce’ how to build chords, I taught them about etiquette in the studio, how to go into the studio, how to work in the studio. I put their first showcase together that they did for Darryl Simmons [owner of Silent Partner who was the “silent partner” of the famed music-making squad, L.A & Babyface]. I designed it, did the lighting, did everything.

Jamie: Who put the girls together in the first place?

David: The girls were already put together. Matthew was a parent and Ann Tillman was the original manager. Ann Tillman became very ill, which was two years after I had started teaching all of the girls.

Jamie: Okay, who put you all together, LaTavia? The first time I ever heard about you girls, Darryl Simmon’s wife was managing a group out of Texas.

LaTavia: As far as the that became Destiny’s Child with the members of Destiny’s Child, you know LeToya, Kelly, Beyonce’ and myself, we were performing at the Black Expo. Carey IMMONS was out in the audience. Toya do you remember if Darryl was there that day?

LeToya: No

LaTavia: She spoke to Darryl about us and then later on we met, but Matthew was managing us by that time.

LeToya: Honestly, the group Destiny’s Child was four members–Beyonce’, Kelly, LaTavia and LeToya.

Daid: Well the way I know it to be was Ann Tillman was the Original manager, Matthew was parent. Two years later, Matthew became partners with Ann Tillam because she became very ill with lupus and they split the management right half and half. I had already been training the girls and putting them together vocally and artistically. When Mattheww became he manager I continued doing that; polishingthe group, putting it together, giving it voice lessons, working on technique for dance, all that stuff. Serveral years later they became Destiny’s Child. I worked with them up through the second album and from what I understand, Matthew found the group, he found their voices.

[Warren Fitzgerald, lawyer for LeToya and Latavia, enters the conversation]

Warren: If I can interject, I believe the exact orgination of the group came about through auditions.

LaTavia: That’s what I was about to say.

Warren: And these ladies wanted to put together a girl group. Debra and DEnise were the first people to together what would eventually become this group. They held an audition and LaTavia and Beyonce’ and some other girls were selected. Matthew came in only as a parent whose daughter had been selected.

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