LaTavia And LeToya/Anjel Part 3

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Sorry guys that you are receiving it in pieces but this is a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG interview and my hands get tired! *lol*

Jamie: Okay David, tell me what the sound is gonna be like for .

David: They are all singing solo lines. And so that the readers really get a clear, clear picture of what I;m talking about, I would say that LaTavia is a better T-Boz. This is the sound that they can expect from LaTavia. It’s T-Boz but better. LeToya is a cross between Minnie Ripperton, which is out of the stratosphere with her high voice, and some times there are hints of Mariah Carey in the middle voice. But the top is fantastic. And Naty is what I would call, well she wipes Jennifer Lopez off the planet and she has the sound you know who Sara Conner is? She’s a pop singer. So basically, Naty has a very clean and popish sound that she can add flavor to. I would call it very spicy.

And then Tiffany brings us the whole Black experience in her voice. She opens her mouth and you hear elements of church, you hear elements of [classical music]. There are so many elements to her voice, but the warmth of it puts me in the mind of a young Patti Austin. I mean readers might not know who Patti Austin is, some of them will, but it’s a young Patti Austinwith a little bit of soulful Anita Baker kinda warmth in the woice. So you put the four of that together and you got something really hot, Now the Destiny’s Child, had all of those elements as well, but unfortunately they weren’t visible. They weren’t given the opportunity to sing.

Jamie: Will this group be given the opportunity to sing?

David: Absolutely. I set a song on them called “Ain’t No Way,” Aretha Franklin’s old song [and] they’ve decided that they all will sing solo parts. They will all so leads on songs. So this is a total collaboration, And what I would like to day as a professional voice teacher and singer myself; they all have the goods.

Jamie: Thanks a lot David. I appreciate it. Have any of you been in the studio recording at all?

LaTavia: We’ve been the studio for quite some time now and we’ve been working will Brando and Brian Casey [the twins from Jagged Edge]. We have about 22 songs recorded and we’re shopping our deal as we speak. We really have a whole album, but we just have to songs to chose from, Whenever we get an opportunity we’re in the studio and that helps us grow as a group. We’re able to feel each other’s voice and know each other’s voices. It’s also been an opportunity for us to help each other because I know that LaTeya and myself, from our lst experience, you know, this totally different, We’re singing leads now, all four of us.

LeToya: Everybody has to show their talent, show what they can do.

Jamie: now, people are going to naturally compare you to Destiny’s Child.

LeToya: I know they’re naturally going to compare us to Destiny’s Child, for one because we are orginial members of Destiny’s Child and nobody will ever be able to take that away from us. But the thing that’s going to make a difference is we do have a new sound. It’s totally different. It doesn’t sound anything like Destiny’s Child. It’s a totally different look. Our style is different because we have the dive thing going on, but at the same time we’re like more lad back and not always going to be in heels and short stuff.

Naty: We’re basically kicking it off like some around-the-way, laid back girls.

Jamie: The public is not going to care about any of that.

Naty: We’re not stressing the outside. We’re just telling you what we can do together as a unified group within ourselves.

Jamie: Let’s talk about this: You all are working with Brian and Brandon?

LaTavia: we are finished recording for right now until we get our deal. I’m sure once we get signed we’ll work with some more producers. Somebody else did some of the tracks that we recorded,too. Brandon and Brian didn’t do everything. Right now, with the position that LaToya and myself were in, we know the guys and they were willing to help, so we took the chance. And it’s been really great in the studio. The collaboration has been fine. We’ve been doing some writing. They’ve been doing some writing . So it really worked out well.

Jamie: Are you two sill with Brian and Brandon personally?

LeToya: Not [me]

Jamie: Who were you with, Toya. Brandon or Brian?

LeToya: Brian.

Jamie: But Tavia, you’re still with Brandon, right?

LaTavia: Yes, but I really wasn’t trying to broadcast it.

Jamie: I understand that, but I have to get the questions that our readers have asked me. There have been all kinds of questions.

LaTavia: To answer your question then Jamie, yes.

Jamie: Which one of you bought a house close to their boyfriend?

David: Neither one of them bought a house close to their boyfriends. I’ve been there and neither one of the houses are close to the Casey’s. It’s not far, but not close like as in you can get there in 15 minutes.

Jamie: No? Someone told me that the guys convinced you all to leave the group and that one of you all bought a house right behind your boyfriend and the boyfriends broke up with you.

LaTavia: Neither one of us bought a house behind the boyfriends. Brandon and Brian were not the reason they we left Destiny’s Child. Brandon and Brian were the main people saying, “Ya’ll better make sure that this what y’all want to do. Y’all better make sure that y’all have tried to work this out as long as y’all can.” They never condoned it one bit. Now did they think that there were things being done wrong in the group with a conversation with LeToya and myself–thinking that things are going the way they were supposed to go? and the majority of the artists that we would speak to in the indudtry, everybody was lik, “That ain’t how it was supposed to be going.” So listening to Brandon and Brian, as well as other artists did open our eyes.

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