Lauryn Hill Talks Candidly About Emotional MTV Album

Radio 1 caught up with in Saint Lucia after she’d perfomed songs from the MTV Unplugged double album and ‘The Miseducation of ’. Hill opened up about her MTV Unplugged album, amongst other things. On the album and press reaction, Hill said, “Every time I hear the press say such flagrant things, I realise that people don’t ever really know the truth. When I was on top they said ‘Boy, that girl she got it going on’. People had no idea how repressed and upset and miserable and tormented [I was] and how I never got to do what I really wanted because I was too busy playing into the expectations of everybody, all the millions of fans, my mother, my father, my husband, my children. There was never a moment for me to be happy, to express real joy. So when you see me sit my ass down with a guitar and cry, I’m saying ‘Thank God my time, yes!'” Audio at has since been removed.

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