Ledisi: Michael Jackson Made Me Believe I Could Do Anything


reacted to the death of Michael Jackson on her blog at MySpace (@ledisi) on Saturday (June 27). The New Orleans R&B singer writes:

I remember wanting a Thriller jacket and my mom said, “I can’t afford to get you that jacket”. So I had a red raincoat and a black marker and cut that thing up and made me a Thriller Jacket. LOL! They laughed at me so bad at school. I still wore that sad looking jacket. lol! I love Michael Jackson. He made me believe I could do and be anything. That’s what being an artist is about. Inspiring others. He did that for so many and he sacrificed his entire Life for his Art. He studied everything old and new and he created a Legacy that will live on forever. You can hear it on the radio and see it on television. He gave us stardust. Pray for His Children and his family. They need our prayers.

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