Leela James: Surround Yourself With Good People

Leela James close-up photo during her live set for Walmart Soundcheck

stopped by Soundcheck with a soulful performance that showcased her incredible voice. The live set included ‘My Joy’, ‘Party All Night’, ‘Music’, ‘Let It Roll’ and ‘Tell Me You Love Me’. During an interview with the Los Angeles artist, Leela talked about the message behind ‘Tell Me You Love Me’, allowing her soul to speak for itself when creating her ‘My Soul’ LP, being involved beginning to end in the creation of the album, not needing many people in the studio during the recording process, liking to feed off the crowd’s energy during live shows without a script, dream collaborations, and more.

“Anyone that’s coming into this business definitely should surround themselves with a team of good people, that they can trust. Good management, good attorneys.” Leela said to other aspiring singers. “When you’re going to a record company, try to get people that really believe in you and understand your vision and support you, and not just trying to collect a check. It’s important that everybody is on the same accord and most of all as an artist to find and already know who you are because otherwise people will try to define you, based on who they think you are or who they think you should be.”

The concert and interview video can be viewed at soundcheck.walmart.com. Check out additional pictures from Leela’s visit after the cut.

Leela James smiles as her guitarist performs a solo for Walmart Soundcheck
Leela James and her band do a live set for Walmart Soundcheck
Leela James steps out into the audience during her live set for Walmart Soundcheck

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