Left Eye And Aaliyah Deaths Were A Scary Feeling

Loss is fresh on Missy Elliott’s mind. In just over a year she has buried two friends and musical colleagues: the young vocalists , who died in a plane crash, and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes of , who died in a vehicular accident. “It was such a scary feeling for me,” Elliott tells Pulse magazine. “They wasn’t ill. They weren’t in a shootout or anything like that. It just happened.”

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3 thoughts on “Left Eye And Aaliyah Deaths Were A Scary Feeling

  1. yoshi aka class of 2011 says:

    We is really going too miss them everyday and all day RIP to both of all

  2. AAA says:

    I think about the beautiful angles every day and if they lived music would be better than it has ever been. I wish they could have seen all the people who loved them in death rather than the people who hated them in life. Rest in peace ladies and all who have perished before them. God bless

  3. lisa says:

    tout monde n’etait pas fan d’aaliyah non plus,elle n’etait pas aussi connu que cela,moi c’est apres sa mort que j’ai entendu aaliyah j’etait pas fan de son style musical,trop mou et saoulant,arreter de fait croire qu’elle etait la meilleur,elle n’a vendu que 32 millions d’album dans le monde,et elle commençait a etre dans l’oubli parceque les destiny child rafflait tout deja

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