Left Eye’s Funeral To Take Place Tuesday Or Wednesday

The New York Post spoke to Bill Diggins, the manager for and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes following news of her death on Thursday night in Honduras. Diggins spoke about why she visited the Villa Usha Herbal Wellness Center saying, “She’s been going down there for several years. It was a great escape for her from the crazy world that we live in.” As for her funeral, Diggins says it will take place either Tuesday or Wednesday and that her body will likely be flown to Atlanta today.

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2 thoughts on “Left Eye’s Funeral To Take Place Tuesday Or Wednesday

  1. dylethat says:

    Lisa was a great person and caring she all was be a role model for every young girl out her and I love TLC for every and every for life. R.I.P. LISA LEFT EYE LOPEZ.

  2. LA says:


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