Leona Lewis’ Heartbreak Over Cousin’s Tragic Death

Singer Leona Lewis

The mother of Billie Josiah spoke with The Mirror about how her child lost a battle with leukemia two years ago, before her now famous cousin won ‘The X-Factor’. “They were so very alike, both very gentle, caring and composed,” Becki Josiah said. “They had little things that are so similar. There is this little wave that Leona does and when I see her do it, it reminds me straight away of Billie. It breaks my heart sometimes. Leona would come and visit with all of her other cousins and they all got along really well. We have such a strong family and that always meant the world to Billie.”

Becki added, “We always knew that singing was what Leona was destined to do. She has always had what it takes to make it big. Billie would be so proud what Leona has achieved today. It would have been so exciting for her, because she loved all the celebrity stuff.” Read more.

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