Lil’ Mo Wants To Ask You ‘Why’

Contributed Anonymously:

Lil’ Mo is creating buzz with her own twist of Jadakiss’ ‘Why?’ in which she must ask “why record companies give a male a deal while he’s locked up, and why they drop a female cause she gets knocked up?” talking about herself cause Elektra (negElektra as she likes to call it) wouldn’t promote her album ‘The Girl Next Door’ because she was pregnant. And says she’s not just the woman with one hit per album. She also addresses her beef with Ja Rule and Murder Inc. cause most of their hits were infact hits because she was on them and got no credit for it. And she also addresses the fact that all the female R&B singers are abusing their right to dress sexy to sell records. She has infact signed with Cash Money Records and is working on new material.

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