Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes Death Was Pre-Destined reports Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes mother Wanda Lopes has made a bizarre statement saying her daughter’s death was pre-destined. “The Lord had already prepared me for Lisa’s death two years in advance. I don’t think she died prematurely. Everything is for a reason and it was her time. I’m at peace now with what happened.”

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5 thoughts on “Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes Death Was Pre-Destined

  1. Phyllis Clark says:

    I can’t see how anyone in their right mind could sit up and say that their child’s death was pre-destined, that’s just really rude and stupid to say. if she would have said that around me I probably would have smacked her mouth off and to say your at peace with what happened, you really need Jesus, seriously. She has no respect and yeah that’s all

  2. april marizette says:

    It’s a very odd statement to hear n make but not an unusual one tho sometimes somethings are better not said in certain situations especially n time of sorrow with that being said my heart goes out to her living relatives and close friends she will be missed by all her fans truly RIP

  3. april marizette says:

    one of the best that ever did it

  4. jamecia says:


  5. Neshia says:

    The reason she said that is because, 2 years before Lisa died, she kept having premontations of Lisa in a casket… So she knew that her daughters life would come to an end soon

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