Lisa’s Brother Says Her Official Website Will Stay Up

Chris, the webmaster at spoke to Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes’ brother Ron Lopes, who told him that Lisa’s official website won’t be closed down anytime soon. He added that he’ll soon go back onto the message board to answer questions and interact with the fans again. Ron wanted people to know that the family is going through a mourning period at the moment, so he’s not up to chatting online yet.

Chris also said that Lisa’s family isn’t upset at him for posting the link to her autopsy photo (he later removed it at the request of Arista Record’s Head of New Media) and explained, “While you may question my motives, morals, and person for believing that the fans had a right to see the images, I personally see nothing wrong with it. Lisa did not believe in death, she believed that energy transformed. Death is not sick, horrid, or wrong. It is a part of life.”

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