Luther Vandross Clothing Exhibit Planned

The New York Post hears that ’ family and friends, in an attempt to cheer up the ailing singer, are curating an exhibit of his extravagant stage clothes worn over the years called ‘The Glow of Love.’ The show will be in October at a yet-to-be-chosen venue.

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2 thoughts on “Luther Vandross Clothing Exhibit Planned

  1. Sabina Chafira says:

    No human can possibly imagine how a Mother losing all four of sons could possibly feel unless they have been there themselves – Sweet Luther is a hero who can not possibly be replaced the most beautiful face that just melts you and then out comes the sound which is so distinctive but stops you in your tracks – but the best part about it is that – it’s him not some act he put on – him – pure and natural the voice rings out with no effort at all, natural as the air, and when it does all you want to listen and cry that worlds greatest singer is no longer there – Deeply admired and even more deeply loved, that comes from the bottom of my heart – The Best of the best.

  2. TheLutherVandrossExperience says:

    Well said.

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