Lyfe Jennings Performs ‘If I Knew Then’ Acoustic

performs ‘If I Knew Then’ at the Suite903 office. The R&B star also did a Q&A with the soul music site, talking about his new album ‘Sooner or Later’, where he’s getting inspiration from, and his two children. The Q&A has since been removed, but watch the acoustic performance below.

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2 thoughts on “Lyfe Jennings Performs ‘If I Knew Then’ Acoustic

  1. iliseha says:

    This song is so beautiful Lyfe. I love you so much keep up the music and I hate to hear that you’re leaving after this upcoming album. Much love from me to you!!

  2. damita ivey says:

    After making something as beautiful as that and you going to retire on a sister? Wow I just truly LOVE every song I’ve heard of yours. I hope you are just taking a break and not just retiring. LOVE YOU!!

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