Macy Gray ‘Covered’ Out March 27th

Macy Gray 'Covered'

is set to release her sixth studio album ‘Covered’ on March 27th via 429 Records. The album features the R&B singer’s take on rock hits from bands such as bands as Radiohead, Metallica, and My Chemical Romance. “After my first record I wanted to do a covers album, but I guess covers albums have kind of a stigma, they’re not known to do very well and they’re designed for people when they’re not doing their own thing anymore,” Gray told about the idea that didn’t fly with people around her until she suggested doing rock covers.

‘Covered’ Track Listing:
1) Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics)
2) Creep (Radiohead)
3) You Want Them Nervous (skit featuring J.B. Smoove)
4) Smoke 2 Joints (The Toyes)
5) La La La (Teaching The Kids) (featuring Layann Al Saud, Avery Albert, Happy Hinds & Siena Stelber)
6) Teenagers (My Chemical Romance)
7) The Power of Love (featuring Hugh Salk)
8) Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)
9) Sail (AWOL Nation)
10) I Try Is Cool And All But…(skit featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
11) Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
12) Love Lockdown/Buck (Kanye West/Nina Simone)
13) Mel Rap (featuring Mel Hinds)
14) Bubbly (featuring Idris Elba) (Colbie Caillat)
15) Wake Up (Arcade Fire)
16) Really? (skit featuring MC Lyte)

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