Male Vs. Female: What’s Fair Nowadays?

Well upon reading a fellow RnBdirters entry about “The year of the HO”, I couldn’t help but wonder how the females of rnbdirt feel about that. I mean, it’s no secret that for all of time the unwritten rules for men and women have been different. My question is, however, why is it ok when D’Angelo, LL Cool J, and Usher buff their bodies up just so they can show them off, but when a woman gets her figure right (ie. Destiny’s Child, , , etc.) and wants to show it off, they’re considered ho’s. Now granted, there is a difference between “sexy” and “trashy”, but this doesn’t exist for men? If a man came out w/ ‘Dip It Low’ or ‘Dirrty’ , such as D’Angelo came out with his song, it is praised. But if Beyonce came out with a video with nothing but her spinning on a platform butt naked, then she would be banned from TV radio and everything else. Considering this is the 21st century, is this fair?

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