Mandisa Q&A With The Advocate

Neal Broverman of spoke with after the singer was eliminated on ‘American Idol’ Wednesday night. echoed the remarks she gave to MTV News about the her appreciation for writer and lecturer Beth Moore and her lifestyles remark, but when asked if there is a conflict between being religious and being gay, she responded, “I know my value system, based on that, that on the word [of the Bible], that it does speak of that. I do know I have no place to judge anybody. I know that at the end of time we all face the judge and his name is not going to be , so I cannot place any judgment on anyone.” As for whether she’d perform at a gay event, responded, “I would not, no.” Asked if she thought gay people can turn straight, she said, “I don’t really know. I honestly don’t know much about it. I wouldn’t be very knowledgeable to speak on that subject.” Read more.

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