Mario Introduces ‘Braid My Hair’ On TRL Thursday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to talk with Quddus and introduce his latest video for his new hit single ‘Braid My Hair’. talked about the craziest thing that’s ever happened to her, his thoughts on ‘American Idol’, and what fans need to know about the video. Read on for a partial transcript.

Quddus: So I’m wonderin’ what’s the craziest thing anybody has ever
d to try to get at you.

Mario: Oh, my goodness. Oh, everything, man. The car’s been chased so
many times, ha-ha. Uh, i have actually ran from my security sometimes,
one time because i thought gonna get me so i ran and they did catch me
and everything you could think of happened to me after that, man.

Quddus: Did they just maul you.

Mario: Yeah.

Quddus: Take your clothes off, what.

Mario: Yeah.

Quddus: Pretty much?


Quddus: You don’t seem to

[Inaudible] About that, at all.

Mario: It was fun and scary but, you know —

Quddus: Then security came and –.

Mario: Yeah, I’m good.

Quddus: Your next request, kelly clarkson “before your love” was no.
1 yesterday but slips two spots today did you check out the show “american

Mario: Did i see it? Yeah, i did, i did see it and checked it out a
couple times. You kinda look like the dude, a little bit just a little

Quddus: I’ve been gettin’ that way too much, man justin

Quddus: So i want to tell you all at home make sure to “holla back”
at us at mtv.Com and tell us what you think of mario’s video. Anything
we need to know about the video.

Mario: The shoot was off the hook, being’ it was my second video I knew
a little bit about shootin’ videos and had a lot of fun experiencin’ the
whole thing. Uhm, everything the whole family single is hot the tour bus
scene was hot so you know i just hope you all like it and enjoy you know
what I mean i did it for y’all.

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