Mario Stops By MTV’s TRL Thursday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday for the TRL debut of his debut video ‘Just A Friend’. talked to Quddus about working with Alicia Keys on the album, how a fan pulled his pants down during a show, recording his first video, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Without further ado I’ll bring out my first guest hearin’
his hit song on the radio all the damn time and looks like the next r &
b success story to me please welcome Mario to the show


Mario: Yo, wha’ssup?


Quddus: Wha’ssup, man?


Mario: Hi, man!

Quddus: Welcome to the show, dude.

Mario: Thanks.

Quddus: Good to have you.

Mario: Glad to be here. Glad to be here.

Quddus: Man


Quddus: Calm down, ladies. Calm down. He will be here for a minute.
Cool out. All right you are 15 years old, dude already with a hit single
under your belt.

Mario: Yeah. Yeah.

Quddus: What’s the craziest thing that happened you to.

Mario: I got my pants pulled off in a show


Quddus: ‘Hope you had your drawers on that night.

Mario: I did, ha-ha.

Quddus: Like security wasn’t there.

Mario: Man it was security but real crazy so many girls and everything
but you know it was cool. I got out of there safe, the most important you
know what I’m sayin’.

Quddus: Yeah. Ha-ha. That’s kinda crazy, dude. So young with a recording
contract and all that. Now a lot of cats when they come to the game might
be so happy to get here they don’t look forward to what this career ahead
of you has, really like you are lookin’ at —

Mario: That’s the thing. I wanna be here for a long time, man. I wanty
fans to grow with me, you know definitly you know what I’m sayin’.

Quddus: I’m sure you would like to grow with him we are spinnin’ the
video on MTV right now.

Mario: Much love. Much love.

Quddus: Tell us about the video.

Mario: Yo, the video


Quddus: Your first video experience.

Mario: Yes. You know what I’m sayin’. Worked hard on it and hopefully
y’all like it. Much love to you all.

Quddus: What was the best part.

Mario: The video singin’, for real. The funniest part.

Fan: I love you!

Mario: You, too.

Quddus: They really love you, man


Quddus: I know for me, man, I remember the first time I was onset with
all of the craft services, that free food, you are off on that right.

Mario: What? As soon as I got there, man, you know how we are man.

Quddus: Get the grub on, dude. Your album is dropping the 3rd. You have
a special person collaborating Alicia Keys.

Mario: She got two songs on the album, yeah


Quddus: How is that workin’? She won five grammys.

Mario: For real. Much love to Crucial Keys and thanks for being there
for me, for real.

Quddus: Lookin’ forward to the tracks.

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