Marques Houston Addresses Playgirl Rumors For Good

Marques Houston 'Veteran'

Contributed Anonymously:

Singer talks in Jawn Murray’s BV Buzz about posing in Playgirl and tells why he won’t talk about his connection to Beyonce and Brandy. Plus, don’t go getting wedding gifts for Chico DeBarge and Nona Gaye quite yet. There’s also news on , Tanicka Ray, Brian McKnight, Vivica A. Fox and updates on singers from AZ Yet, Silk and Blackstreet.

The article at has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Marques Houston Addresses Playgirl Rumors For Good

  1. Shante Wilson says:

    I think you take nice photos…looks like a gentleman to me. Sorry Romeo and LDB but this one has always been my favorite since childhood… I just think you’re voice is romantic and your music is calming..keep warm

  2. RITA JENNY says:

    Hope you go far and you are the greatest……… never doubt that

  3. easha says:

    I fu**inq love Marques Houston

  4. easha says:

    :)Happy halloween Too U MARQUES HOUSTON:)

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