Marsha Ambrosius Talks About Natalie Stewart’s Floetry Exit

Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry 'FloOlogy'

of checked in with fans on her blog at Myspace on Friday (July 27). She writes:

No one in their right mind could replace what Natalie [Stewart] and I created as a duo… Amanda Diva and myself are creating a whole new collabo together… as for Nat and myself, 15 years of knowing someone is dead real… People who don’t know you have their right to judge.. Putting yourself out their in the ‘limelight’ or whatever leaves you open… [No] one cares what is actually going on in your real life coz you become just a song, or a group, not real people with real lives and real issues to deal with outside of ‘the industry’… I, from the beginning have remained adamant about being brutally honest, to my own detriment… Everyone on Myspace has always been able to ask me whatever, and I tell you the truth… Sometimes you wanna believe you can trust people with your word, you assume that people are your friends or your fam but everyone has their own plans… Everybody has their own life that is more important than boards/blogs/myspace… Whatever it may be… Floetry was an important part of my life, my growth as a human being… Floetry was never planned, it happened and I’m thankful for what I’ve learned through being a part of it… But on some real, I’m damn near 30yrs old… I have a million and 1 more things to do b4 all is said and done and as much as I want to please everybody, I can’t… I really can’t and in knowing that, it has freed me from so much bullshyt… I’m tryna live my life… and live it right… Nat knows how much I love her and support her in whatever she chooses to do… I back her 100% as she does me… There is nothing but love… I love to make music… That’s all I ever wanted to do… But the truth is, when forced to be confronted with yourself under a super lens, music becomes the smallest part of it all… All luv…

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