Mary J. Blige Apologizes For Hating Causes Cancer Tweet

Mary J. Blige

is apologizing profusely to her Twitter followers (@maryjblige) today after earlier suggesting that being a hater causes cancer, prompting those who have battled the disease to take offense. The R&B singer writes:

All you haters please stop hating. God loves me and I know it and that’s why I get what I desire.

Being a hater cause cancer, seriously! I’m saying this because I love you.

To every one showing love!! Thank you!! So much!!!! I will do every thing I can to never let you down.

I’m so deeply apologetic for offending anyone with cancer :-( I love guys so much sincerely and would never do anything to hurt you!

I just got offended myself by some one that said something negative about me.
That’s not like me to go there but im such an emotional human and I slipped.

Please forgive me, I’m better than that and will be EXTRA careful next time. I love you guys and am praying for you.

I don’t understand what your fighting and I hope I never have to. Now I will fight with you though prayer.

Very irresponsible of me. Again Im sorry!

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