Mary J. Blige At The Video Music Awards

John Norris of MTV News briefly spoke with before the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday. Read on for a transcript.

John Norris: Well, kurt, I am with the woman who as far as I’m concerned
ge the greatest performance of all at the Grammy Awards mary, always good
to see you.

Mary J. Blige: How are you.

John Norris: I’m great. Close to the show it gets packed in here. You’re
up for two awards tonight. One for no more drama or family affair. Is either
video more special to you?

Mary J. Blige: I think the noore drama video is special to me. It’s
important because we shot it right after september 11. You understand what
I’m saying? It’s really important.

John Norris: Is there are so many great performers up on stage from
eminem to P. Diddy to ja rule to bruce springsteen. Anyone you want to

Mary J. Blige: I want to see P. Diddy of course, and I want to see ja
rule and michael jackson is posed to be doing something?

John Norris: I’m hearing rumors about that but i can’t confirm anything.
They keep me in the dark. It’s sure to be a great number. Best of luck.

Mary J. Blige: Thanks a lot.

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