Mary J. Blige Chats With Capital FM

spoke with Capital FM in London about her new single ‘Love At First Sight’ including the new image, starting dance wars in clubs with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and how much hard work it really is being a star. Mary was also asked about the blackout that hit New York City. She says, “The blackout actually caught us in the daytime, about four in the afternoon and I was in a store trying some clothes on when all the lights went out. At first, I thought it was only that particular store but when we went outside there were lots of people everywhere and when we started driving down the street again there were even more people. People everywhere! You know in the film ‘Total Recall’ when the fan stops and everybody comes outside to see what happened? That’s what it was like in New York. When I got home around six o’clock I made some steak for everyone and we sat down to eat at 7:30 and at eight all the lights came back on.”

The entire transcript at has since been removed.

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