Mary J. Blige Describes ‘No More Drama’

Mary J. Blige 'No More Drama'

Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald caught up with before her show at the FleetBoston Pavilion on Tuesday night. In explaining her fifth album, last year’s exhilarating and upbeat ‘No More Drama’, Blige said, “When I say ‘no more drama,’ I’m saying no more to things like being my own worst enemy, no more hurting myself, just no more of that mess. Life is full of drama, but the bottom line is, you’ve got to make the choice whether you’re going to be happy or not. Even when you make the choice to be happy, there’s still going to be drama – but at least you won’t be inflicting the drama on yourself.”

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One thought on “Mary J. Blige Describes ‘No More Drama’

  1. tracy williams says:

    you inspired me to get my life together after all these years of me being addict to alcohol after 20 odd years of this disease I came to treatment again to get my life back and order because I been independent for a long time but the struggles i had and life made me realize there is someone waiting for me that will love the faithful person i am your song I AM I love that song

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