Mary J. Blige Discusses ‘CNN Heroes’ Participation

Mary J. Blige 'Growing Pains'

‘Showbiz Tonight’ host Brooke Anderson talked to ‘CNN Heroes’ tribute performer on Thursday (December 6), where the singer said, “These folks can inspire the world to do something, I mean, make people want to help out and not just stay quiet when something`s going on, but reach out and help someone else. I mean, this is bigger than just a celebrity, this is like, OK, you got regular, everyday people that have 9:00 to 5:00, saving lives and doing things that are great and they`re being honored for their work, so it makes someone else sitting at home say I`m going to get out and help my necks door next door neighbor with a problem she`s having. So it`s a beautiful – it`s a blessing, actually.”

Asked how performing at an event like this compares to performing at other events that she does, Blige responded, “This for me is all I really do. The reason why I do my music is for the regular, everyday person so it means a lot to me to be able to sing to all those honored tonight that are regular – This is what I do. All my fans are every day regular people that love what I do because I love them. And I show them in my music they do.”

As for whether she as a high profile celebrity feels an obligation to encourage others to get involved, Blige said, “I feel an obligation to encourage them, but the only way I can encourage them is by being an example. People don’t want to hear what you got to say, they want to say what you’re really doing. So it’s all about action.”

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