Mary J. Blige: Drake Is A Hip Hop Savior Right Now

Miss Info of Hot 97 in New York City caught up with backstage at Summer Jam 2009, where she talked about having a plan to get the people to have fun at the show, how artists have to be giving and unselfish since there’s such a wide demo at the festival shows, and teaming up with Drake on ‘The One’. “This is a savior right now,” Blige said of Drake. “Because it had gotten to the point where women were just bitches and hos and all this other stuff for a long time, and he came alond and said ‘You’re the best. And we like her.’ Like they’re having fun with it. The fun got lost and the women got disrespected but now the women are being respected again. He qualifies because he can spit. I heard his album, he’s incredible. I only wanna mess with people that are really really dope. I don’t care how hot you are, if you’re dope and we have the chemistry.” Watch the interview below.

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3 thoughts on “Mary J. Blige: Drake Is A Hip Hop Savior Right Now

  1. asdf says:

    I HATE DRAKE’s lyrics..he is more degrading to women than any mainstream rapper I’ve heard…he called all the other women ‘hoes’ in the song Mary is talking about. He has a good voice, so he needs to act like he has some sense !!!

  2. KrisCliff says:

    I agree!! It’s obvious that Mary J Blige hasn’t really listened to that song or his album…

  3. BigHRD2 says:

    Mary J Blige is the essence of hip hop soul as it is, ain’t nothing negative you can say about it.

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