Mary J. Blige Speaks Out About Abuse

spoke with The New York Post about being sexually abused as a child, and forgiving her attacker, who was once a family friend, despite the damage he had done. “I had to forgive him because I couldn’t go through life being crazy pissed off, I couldn’t move forward in my life,” she explained. “I was stuck in one angry place. The thing is, you’re angry at the world, but the world doesn’t care and that makes you [even more] angry. It’s a circle. People say get over things, suck it up and move on, but that’s easier said than done ? it takes work.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Mary J. Blige Speaks Out About Abuse

  1. shaquilla says:

    Wow to be honest I never knew that, I mean you usually hear of these things over air and stuff but um on actually meditating on her song featuring Ludacris “Runaway Love” at the end it came to my attention I asked myself was she abused as a child and then when I researched it I was like wow,Mary you’ve certainly come a long way and I want to congratulate you on that and forgiving your abuser and not holding onto the anger wish others would be able to find the strength to do the same I know its not easy speaking from experience but you got it girl you’ve made it this far keep striving for excellence!!!!

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