Mary J. Blige Wins Best Female R&B Vocal Performance Grammy

Mary J. Blige

accepted the Grammy Award for the best female R&B vocal performance last night for ‘Be Without You’. Blige told the audience, “Oh my. I praise you, father. Thank you, Jesus. This is a great night for me. Wow. I guess – let me just be brief about this. (Laughter) I thanked everybody that I could possibly think of, but let me just say this. It’s in the valley, and I don’t think you can have a peak if you don’t ever have a valley, and it’s in the valley when we learn who we really are, and it’s in the peaks when we learn who we really are, because success exposes who you really are, and I want to use this success to build bridges not to burn ’em. Thank you, everybody, very much.”

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