Mathew Knowles Promises No Destiny’s Child Split

Mathew Knowles laughed at the question whether Destiny’s Child might split up after the three members embarked on solo albums, and dismissed the comparison with the Supremes, TLC and En Vogue, other popular, R&B-rooted female vocal groups that have imploded over the years. “This group is unique and it’s strong right now, stronger than ever,” the manager told the Los Angeles Times. “The group is very viable, very active. They are all very committed. They’ve each found a niche. You will be hearing Destiny’s Child again. Destiny’s Child is the franchise. And Beyonce wants it that way; we all do. Look, this is a group that has sold 33 million records worldwide, and that’s a lot of records. No one of them could be as big as this franchise could be.”

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