Maxwell Is Private… So How Do You Search?

One of the problems with finding info on the web for R&B musician is that he won’t reveal his full birthname… Even I couldn’t find it after an exhaustive search. So the September search results for ‘’ related terms reveal all sorts of terms; air force bases, House coffee, etc. has said of his web unfriendly name, “I would prefer not to tell you my full name. I have many, many names.. Since I’m half Puerto Rican, half West Indian, everyone wants to name you, so ’s like the best way to consolidate.” His most searched for song was ‘Lifetime’, followed by ‘This Woman’s Work’.

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One thought on “Maxwell Is Private… So How Do You Search?

  1. cynt says:

    While I find it very curious concerning Maxwell and his private moments, I do very much so respect his need for just that. Privacy. He gives us so so much when is performing. Truthfully the mystery even makes him more appealing. I will forever follow this bright shining welcomed breath of fresh air. I am 5 years older than he is and his music and image has brought a rebirth to my life. LOVE YOU MAXWELL. And I am very Thankful that his music found me when it did.. I can almost trust Love again… ” I DID SAY almost” We needed him when he appeared again and he needed us. Thank the heavens for his gift.

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