Maxwell Needed A Change

Despite receiving critical praise and being put in a position as one of the leaders of the neo-soul movement after his first three albums, says he “needed to experience some real things if I was going to continue to have something to say artistically.” So the 35-year-old stepped out of the spotlight for six years. “But by the end of my last tour, I knew I needed to change,” tells Bob Mehr of Memphis Commercial Appeal. “I knew a certain phase of my career was about to close, and for me to stick around and hold on to the security blanket of my image or the sound that I had wasn’t right. I needed to take risks and pull away from the comfort zone.” Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Maxwell Needed A Change

  1. 4LoversOnly says:

    Thank you so much for an update on Maxwell!! By the way his concert was amazing, his stage presence is second to none. Jazmine Sullivan was a treat as well, that girl can blow !!

  2. ZAMORA says:


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