Maxwell Will Not Tour UK

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Hi everyone recently Soul had announced that and Angie Stone were going to tour the UK. But it looks like J Records was the culprit once again or opening their traps. Before anything was confirmed Angie Stone as well as Alicia Keys and Luther Vandross are a part of the J Records camp. I must say they have some great talent but they also seem to announce things as a ploy to get the fans hyped before anything is ever set in stone and the poor UK fans now will be left out.

Here’s the official press release from Soul

Music Aria Staff at

Maxwell/Angie – The Truth! Maxwell will definitely not be coming over to the UK for his mooted Autumn live dates, and nor will Angie Stone. The confusion surrounding our announcement last week that the shows were due to go ahead arose because, on the Friday morning, Angie’s record label told us that the gigs had been confirmed.

Later the same day, after the newsletter had gone out, it emerged that no UK shows had been confirmed at all; only those in the US. We’re sorry if you’ve been getting all excited – we were too – but we were only passing on information received. And then taken away again.

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