McCain’s Debate Pullout Makes Eric Benet Laugh

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@ebenet) on Wednesday (September 24). The Los Angeles based R&B singer writes:

Just arrived in Jacksonville. Very overcast day here but my band and I are bringing some sunshine fa sho! Sittin in my room watchin CNN.. John McCain is making laugh… hard! His ranking in the national polls have slipped on the banana peel that was his response to last weeks financial crisis. So, at the first presidential debate he decides to pull a M.I.A.. I think “my dog ate my homework” would have gone over a little better in the press. Isn’t this the time when the American people need to see what kind of minds these two potential world leaders are working with?? Speaking for myself, I’d like to see some unscripted, off the dome, “this is how I see it” intellect. Wouldn’t you? Well I’ll be eating my popcorn, wearing my Obama shirt as I watch Barack make much better use of McCain’s TV air time this Friday.

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