Mediocre & Cliche R&B Hurt Montell Jordan’s LP

Montell Jordan 'Montell Jordan' album cover

Frank Hajdu of Y2G reviewed the new self titled album and like many others has ripped it, giving the disc a C- rating. Hajdu asked, “How the hell did Def Soul release this mediocre offering?” He added, “The problem is, Montell’s fifth album is nothing more than 13 tracks of cliched R&B, lover-man fare, and what’s worse is that this isn’t even done well. With languid, auto-piloted production and a dictionary’s worth of R&B catch phrases, ‘Montell’ is composed of markedly boring and uncreative quasi-ballads. It almost seems like Mr. Jordan is trying to rush out of a record contract with this one.” has since shut down.

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