Meelah Explains 702 Is Still Together

702 has more comments from from the Soul Train Awards over the weekend, where the group was nominated for best R&B/soul single, group, band or duo, for their song ‘Pootie Tangin’ from the Pootie Tang soundtrack. “We’ve been getting that question a lot today. And I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve been off the scene for a while. We didn’t break up as rumors speculated,” Meelah said. “We took a break. And I think taking a break is sometimes very much needed. It’s made us a lot stronger. In order to keep your unit, and your family tight, sometimes you have to just step back, take some time off, and come together.”

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One thought on “Meelah Explains 702 Is Still Together

  1. Joeann Sanders says:

    Meelah just wanted to say to you. You go girl I am so proud of you. Glad to see you with the divas. Hit me up girl friend. This is what I,m talking about. Stay true to your self girl I got your back. Stay sweet. One of your biggest fans.

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