Michele Williams Gives 3LW Update

manager Michele Williams posted on the group’s message board on Tuesday: “Wassup family? I know I haven’t been on in a minute, but things have been a little hectic lately. Things have been great with Adrienne, Kiely, Ms. Nine Lives and myself and I hope all of you have been cool also. As you all probably know already Adrienne, Kiely and Ms. Nine Lives flew to ATL last weekend for the auditions. They told me that a lot of girls came out and they had a great time getting to know the peeps that auditioned.”

“Right now the girls are in Las Vegas, they attended to Billboard Awards last night. They called and said they had a great time and after the awards they hung out with Aaron Carter and B2K. I guess it was a kind of ‘teen artist’ get together. They said B2K was really excited about their album release and Aaron [was] just fun and as crazy as always.. Seems like I missed all the excitment. lol.”

“Right now they are on their way to LA to record songs for the ‘Cheetah Girls’ album. Adrienne has a stuffy nose, so Kiely is gonna record first and give Adrienne and chance to feel better. Also Adrienne and Kiely will be touring with Mario, Eclipse and A’mere starting in February.”

“Other than that the girls have been spending alot of time planning for the future, they will probably take a little time off after the tour to get to know the new member whoever she may be and to plan for the future. Guess the ‘media’ will find a new group to bash while the girls are re-grouping. lol. Well, I will keep you all posted. Luv you all so much. Sincerely, Michele da_chosen_1.”

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