Michelle Williams Blasts DHL In Twitter Rant

Michelle Williams

lashed out at DHL on her Twitter (@RealMichelleW) on Saturday (October 10) after the delivery giant lost – or according to her stole – something she shipped. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

Pissed at DHL! I think I may have to do a Mama Skorpion or MrKitchenTalk rant.

@THESKORPION I’m on the line with the thieves as we speak

I really feel some kind of way towards DHL that I’m losing my sleep! I hope the person responsible never sleeps again a day n lyf! KARMA

I guess these companies, including airports and airlines just hire anybody! Low lifes with no regards to other ppl’s personal property!

Never ever use DHL. It was my first and DEFINITELY my last!

@Reshard18 how much more of an explanation does one need? DHL employs thieves!

The people don’t care….WHY? BECUZ IT WASN’T THEIR PROPERTY THAT WAS STOLEN!! I feel an attorney phone call n my spirit!

I hope they fall like I did on 106 and Park!!! LOL!!!!

As u can see I’m trying to have a sense of humor about it! Call me mean if u want….but it wasn’t your ish!!!

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