Michelle Williams: I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder!

Michelle Williams in heels

is defending her thin frame in postings on her Twitter (@RealMichelleW) earlier today. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

BLOGGERS!! I DO NOT HAVE AN EATING DISORDERRRRRRRRR!!!! IF I WAS 400LBS, then y’all would be saying I’m FAT….so sorry I’m a healthy 117lbs!

I eat anything and everything I want to eat…I am the size I was before Destiny’s Child. Now n college I gained a few….but I lost it.

HIGH METABOLISM DUHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now back to the humble and down to earth Michelle that you guys have always known!!! God Bless!!!!

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One thought on “Michelle Williams: I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder!

  1. the truth says:

    Michelle, please get help. I love you.

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